Executive Development Academy


A service-oriented company that operates as a training and development centre for executive, businessmen, and professionals.

The Value Of Seminars

What is learned in school is not enough - - it is simply the beginning of wisdom which must be supplemented with seminars in order to adapt the school graduates to the realities of life and the business world.

In many instances what is learned in a seminar proves to be far more rewarding than what is learned in the many years of stay in colleges and universities.

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Our Credo

Colleges and Universities, breed professional managers, men and women who can think logically but restrictively. The education they get does not encourage imagination, innovation, and daring.

The EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY (EDA), on the other hand, breeds entrepreneurs, men and women, who are visionary, creative, and courageous from whom ultimately stem all wealth, jobs, and economic progress in the country.

EDA is committed to help these people – the entrepreneur – who put into productive use our idle resources and who provide employment opportunities to the Filipino people.